Can Compassion for Others Build Resilience in Ourselves?

By Sally | April 15, 2019

As a Youth & Community Education Worker in the 90s, my colleagues used to kindly say that I needed to toughen up to meet the demands of challenging clients. I pondered on this, knowing I…

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Being in the Body

By Sally | December 30, 2018

    Research into neuroscience shows us that we never really lose our minds, it’s our bodies that we lose. This Mindfulness based workshop, delivered by Sally Roach and Graeme Armstrong, will explore how we…

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Feeling Dead or Becoming Alive?

By Sally | April 25, 2017

Life might be busy and vibrant with its usual ups and downs but how does our world feel from the inside? Maybe a little grey and lifeless? Are there emotions that we have been avoiding?…

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