Yoga & Mindfulness Retreats

"I attended Sally's Winter Solstice workshop and everything about it was wonderful! The session was accessible and really facilitated community, and ceremony. It was the perfect mix of gentle movements and deep relaxation, just what I needed 🙂 I loved it so much! I'm looking forward to the next chance I get to enjoy the teachings and nourishment of this very warm and kind hearted Yogi. Thank you, Sally!" (2019)



“I have learned so much this weekend and I will take so much back with me.  The embodied Yoga, music and movement will sustain me during the weeks to come and I want to build on these experiences.  Thank you so much for holding us all during our experiences (Radiance 2018)”. 



“The saxophone with the eagle was amazing (Radiance 2018)”


Yoga Teacher

“Thoroughly enjoyed the Radiance weekend.  Challenging and transformative”.


“I loved the weekend, I loved all the sessions. I loved the fullness of it.  I would love to do more yoga with you and will spread the word for upcoming workshops to friends as I really felt safe and stimulated by your approach.  I also appreciated the generosity and warmth of Gordon’s input too”



Stress Management Workshop With Juliet Graves

“Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed it.  I loved how balanced it was with the science bit, and the practical mindfulness.  I thought you and Juliet complimented each other really well.   I have been using mindfulness daily for almost 2 years to help with my complex mental health diagnosis and addiction recovery, it has really been the best skill I've added to my toolbox.  My friend was newer to mindfulness and loved it too so it covered a good spectrum, which I appreciate takes great skill.  Absolutely loved it”



Mindfulness Courses

“I really enjoyed the course…Sharing experiences helped the learning and understanding, this deepened the experience as well as being lovely…The course has helped me to be more compassionate towards myself and others”



“Thanks for your patience and kindness which makes you a good teacher and role model of how mindfulness can help the human condition …I found I enjoyed the poetry readings – this is a first for me I have never read or enjoyed poetry before”



“I enjoyed the course, understanding mindfulness in a caring and gentle manner backed up with a group of  people who were supportive.  I feel I got a lot from it, especially a feeling of self worth and self, even though at times the exercises produced uncomfortable feelings.   I can see it was all a form of  shedding those old thoughts and emotions. I found a degree of letting go  through the course and would thoroughly recommend it”.

Deborah F


“I always felt more positive after the sessions….the guided practices were good and beneficial in keeping focused.  The course notes were also very helpful.  Since the course I have been feeling more relaxed, taking time to sit and enjoy the silence, the pleasure of the garden and engaging all senses when out walking”.


Yoga Classes

“I have been practicing yoga for 17 years and teaching myself for some time, and in all that time I have found Sally’s teaching to be most effective in taking my body and mind to exactly where they need to go. While other teachers help me to ‘do’ yoga, Sally’s classes have helped my body to release, grow and breathe with seemingly no effort at all. It feels perfectly natural, as if my body is finally shown how to do what it’s wanted to do all these years. As a result I’ve been able to do all sorts of poses that I never could before, even though it seems as if I’m doing nothing. Thank you Sally!”



“Softness is truly brought into awareness.  I find this yoga fills me with a deep inner peace, love for my body and feel a lovely deep sense of trust working with Sally”



"Sally's vast amount of experience as both a practitioner/teacher, guarantees classes are safe, fun, challenging & also aware".



"Sally has a way of asking you to do things in a kind and caring manner that puts you at your ease.
At the end of each session I feel really pleased with my achievements and look forward to each class".

Dr Norman Rickard


"I am going to miss you when you go.  It will be hard to find anyone as good at teaching Yoga as you.  You have a lovely gentle, calm and inspiring persona and it is a pleasure to learn with you"



Mindful Movement for Chronic Pain & Fatigue

"You know Sally, your session on Friday was quite an epiphany for me in so many ways and I am truly blessed and grateful to you for the energy and care you took to do that.  So many things clicked and challenged me at the same time and it was a really special session.  Thank you deeply from my heart." 



"I was in the early stages of recovering from ME when I first attended Sally's classes almost 3 years ago.  I had been searching for something to help me manage my pain and stiffness and for a gentle way to help me develop my fitness.  The classes offered a safe place where I could slowly learn how to listen to my body and get in touch with my emotions.  I gave my body permission to gently unfold and release and my mind permission to just rest in the stillness.  After so long of 'can't do' and 'should do', the peace and stillness were tremendously rejuvenating.  I slowly found the symptoms ease and my energy gradually increased little by little.  I used the techniques I'd learned in Sally's class as pain and stress relieving tools, and they were invaluable when I had trouble sleeping.  During the sessions I began to feel a sense of integrating, being put back together, of coming home to myself.  I've no doubt they were instrumental in my healing and recovery.

During one of Sally's meditations I had a real 'wow' moment when I realised I didn't know what it was to be gentle with myself, to accept my body, it's limitations and imperfections.  This single realisation helped me to discover what it meant to work with my body in a collaborative partnership, helping it to gently serve me better as I learned to listen to it, care for and nurture it.

These experiences and insights helped me to learn not only how to be kinder and gentler with myself but also with those around me, especially my family.  Who would have thought that a simple yoga session could offer so much?  It could change your life, I know it did mine and for that and the wonderful teacher and facilitator that Sally is I am deeply grateful".


East Wemyss, Fife

Yoga with Live Music

"Sally and Gordon lead a most gorgeous session with Scaraveilli inspired Yoga and live music at my home.  We have this session once a month.  I had a moment of pure utter bliss, love for all, oneness type explosion inside me.  This was when I had my heart wide open in a pose and the sitar was flowing.  I was drinking it in and surrendering to absolute bliss.  Blissed out!"



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