Being in the Body



Research into neuroscience shows us that we never really lose our minds, it’s our bodies that we lose.

This Mindfulness based workshop, delivered by Sally Roach and Graeme Armstrong, will explore how we came to disconnect from our bodies and presents a series of practices that show how we can recapture our embodied life. This will be a sensitive journey using sitting practices, gentle movement, pair work, group work and sharing.

Being in the body helps lower our stress, improves our sleep, enhances workplace and personal relationships and can build up resilience, allowing us truly to thrive.


Sally Roach is a Mindfulness Facilitator and Yoga Teacher, and has been teaching Yoga and Meditation for 18 years including 4 years of training with the Mindfulness Association. She is on the UK listing of Mindfulness Teachers and regularly teaches the 8 week Mindfulness and Compassion Courses.

Sally suffered from chronic fatigue in her early 20s. This drew her to body awareness based practices including Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and learning about nervous system regulation. She brings a depth of experience to facilitating groups and individuals with chronic illness, pain and fatigue She uses Mindfulness and movement to work in organisations specialising in recovery from addictions and mental health.

She runs regular classes in Mindful Yoga including Chair Yoga and enjoys leading workshops and retreats weaving Mindfulness and movement with themes from the natural world.

Graeme Armstrong has worked as a psychological therapist for over 18 years, as a relationship counsellor and clinical supervisor. He is also a Lead Tutor and supervisor for the Mindfulness Association and has delivered over 35 Weekend Modules for the organisation nationally and abroad and has been part of several Mindfulness Association Retreats at Samye Ling and at Holy Isle, promoting secular mindfulness throughout the UK.

At the heart of his practice lies a passionate belief that although we all experience great pain and distress in our lives, we all have the ability to heal and grow through this pain and find more enriching, creative and satisfying lives.

He started meditating in 1988 and then developed his practice by attending a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course in 2010 and completing to Post Graduate Diploma Level the Studies in Mindfulness course through Aberdeen University. He works according to the Good Practice Guidelines laid down by the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisation.


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