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Tuesdays 10 am – 11.30 am 

4 Week block £28 (£20 concessions)
Drop-In £10 (£6)

Befriending our body with Mindfulness and acceptance, we use asanas (postures) and sequences to tune in to our body and mind. Deepening our awareness of how we move, how we breathe and the choices available.  Finding support from the ground, from our bones and our fluid core we discover more ease and flow which translates into how we move in our life.

In this class we often follow an arc moving from a gentle starting place, unfolding into a more dynamic, expansive practice and dropping back into stillness.   The Yoga emerges leaving us feeling centred, energised and more at peace with ourselves and our daily life.

My training in Mindfulness & Compassion has been very influential on my Yoga teaching. Woven through the practice it invites us to drop our layers of resistance and rest more easily into the Yoga.  Mindfulness has the potential to change the way we relate to our challenges. The changes in our thinking can bring peace and acceptance to our lives, helping to re-wire our brain for greater happiness and bringing pleasure in the present moment.

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"I want to say how amazing I thought your class was.  The clarity, precision, gentleness of all your instructions, and the nurturing holding and creating of space was outstanding."

Linda Hummel

“Sally teaches from the heart and her classes are a beautiful balance of intelligent movement, breath practices and nourishing relaxation. Sally is warm and encouraging, she really helps students listen to their own body and develop their yoga practice from the inside out”.


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