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Yoga is for Life

a body wise approach to flourishing

I'm coming home to my body, after years of abandoning it.  Home to living with a felt sense of my interior landscape, constantly amazed at the wisdom and richness of this inner world.  Showing up more in my life and my community by being more courageous and authentic”.

Neuroscience is showing us that being in the body takes us out of the stress response and into a place of relaxed readiness.  It's also showing us the value of kindness, to our selves and others.  These two elements change what's happening in our nervous system.  They are at the heart of easing our stress and healing chronic illness.

Whatever your challenges in life, this is the path I offer, a body-based, evidence informed path.  Drawing on ancient and modern wisdom and following ways of working that are psychologically in tune with the western mind.  An eternal student, now studying Yoga Therapy for Mental Health, I weave Yoga, Mindfulness, Compassion and Shamanic Practice, Science & Psychology to support you on your journey to resilience and flourishing.

My life path has been influenced by having chronic fatigue for several years as a young adult and working in the high pressure environment of the City of London.  These experiences set my compass for life.  My quest to heal the underlying causes led me to this well-being work.  Over the last 19 years I have been teaching and developing my skills in mind-body based practices and how to work in a trauma-sensitive way.

I specialise in supporting people in gradually accessing their own body and movement when it feels unsafe and painful.  I specialise in working with trauma and in its manifestations of chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression and chronic illness.  I enjoy offering 121 sessions fine tuned to the individual's needs.  I also love holding safe spaces for groups where we can share, experience and tap into the added power of social connection.

Mind Body De-stress

Sally takes us through a 10 minute mind body de-stress practice to help with bringing our stress levels down.   An embodied mindfulness based practice which invites us to engage our self awareness to bring down the stress charge in the nervous system.


Workplace Resilience

Stress is one of the biggest challenges for the workplace and for modern living.  Stress increases sickness rates and decreases our concentration, creativity, communication and relational abilities.


Yoga & Movement Classes

We are designed to move.  Not only is it good for us physically but psychologically and socially too.   Research is showing us when we move with others, especially in a synchronos way, the body releases feel good chemicals that help us bond with others.  



Mindfulness is a life skill which can enhance our sense of well-being. It is about bringing 'kind awareness' to what is happening in the present moment, without judging it or trying to change our experience.

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January Jigsaw

  From today the sun sets a little later each day.  The snowdrops are appearing, responding to the growing light.  I feel their promise to nourish me through the rest of the winter. I’m not big on new years resolutions but I see this time from Solstice to the new calendar year as a time to…

Winter Reflections

December has arrived again with almost as much uncertainty as the last one. This constant uncertainty is a lot of work for our nervous system which is primed to keep looking out for danger to keep us safe.  The ‘tiger’ shows up in many disguises in our life and the feeling of threat can be…

Rainbow Magic

It’s Saturday again after a busy week of working and entertaining.  We had our first house guests in a long time.  Held in the relative safety of vaccines and lateral flow, my lovely sister, husband and labradoodle (with no doodle) gave us the gift of human connection for a couple of days. Determined to show…

Autumn Fruits: reflections on impermanence

Welcome to Autumn Fruits As I write the rain is pelting against the window and I’m back in a thermal top.  My thoughts turning to the feeling of change in nature.  How nature shows us the futility of trying to hold on as the earth continues to turn on its axis around the sun. I’m…

Summer Perspectives : reflections on polarisation

  For me August feels like time to breathe more…find more space amongst teaching and study.  The garden is a joy and it’s easy to eat well, naturally and with diversity with such fabulous ingredients from our own little slice of paradise. Sitting on our garden seat I reflect on the wider world. I’m noticing the uncomfortable feeling…

Attuning to Autumn : finding connection in nature

                           Take a look at Foxy attuning to nature  November is suddenly here and since my last newsletter our landscape is shifting yet again.  Deeper into Autumn and deeper into lockdown.  My pondering for the day is, what happens in our minds and…