Friday 23 October

7 - 9 pm 2020



with Sally Roach

gut wisdom

"You betray yourself when you deny and squash what your gut knows, and the guidance your heart whispers to you"

Inspired by the words of Brigit Anna McNeill we will be embracing and caring for the tender and potent seeds of knowing that are deep in our heart, gut and core.

Sally will be guiding us on a Yoga journey of awakening our inner knowing and remembering through gentle movement, breathing & relaxation.  Combining belly friendly moves with gut listening will support digestive conditions and imbalances.
You can explore sitting on a chair or moving through different positions.

£12  (£8 concessions)

Please contact Sally to book 


“Sally thank you so much for such a wonderful session. The experience of movement, feeling, awareness, poetry, mindfulness was truly transformative for me. I’m so very grateful.


"I loved the session. I was so perfect for a dark Friday evening. My back felt much softer all weekend, I think due to the work lying with our legs on a chair.  Today I feel more encouraged to listen to what my gut is telling me. 

So thank you so much, I would love to do the session together again. It was so good to be in your wonderful hands".


"Sally, thank you so much for the gut yoga  session last night. I can't remember when I last felt so relaxed. Although I didn't sleep longer last night I was aware of having a refreshing sleep and when I woke I was happy to lie relaxed instead of feeling restless and needing to get up. I liked the gentle movements and loved the words of the poem. I don't think I'll look at dandelions coming through the concrete in quite the same way again"