Movement is life: without movement life is unthinkable

Dr Moshe Feldenkrais


10 – 11.30  am     Mindful Yoga Online


1 - 2.30 pm          Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Drop-in Online

7 - 8.30 pm          Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Course - Part 2 from 3 Nov 21


10 - 11.30 pm       Gentle Yoga for Chronic Fatigue 6 Week Course from 22 Oct



We are designed to move. Not only is it good for us physically but psychologically and socially too.

Research is showing us that when we move with others, especially in a synchronous way, the body releases chemicals that help us bond with others and feel good about ourselves.

I weave Yoga with Mindfulness, Compassion, wisdom from the natural world and the findings of neuroscience.

The key is to find the type of movement that suits our mind and body. Slow, gentle Yoga which invites body awareness and soothes the nervous system is one possibility and it might be the one for you.

Body awareness in daily life increases our capacity to hold the difficulties we face and feel. Life will always have its ups and downs, it's part of being human,  but we can learn to be more resilient and feel centred even in the face of adversity.

In this society we have become divorced from nature and our own bodies. It's a response to trauma, both complex trauma, single event trauma and the trauma of the everyday stresses of the modern world.

Even when we move our body in yoga or exercise, we don't necessarily have any real awareness of how we are feeling. This being out of touch with our body ramps up our stress levels and is now being seen as the root of chronic diseases.

I invite people to re-connect with their body, little by little. To experience sensations in the body, to notice how they feel and move, to bring a quality of kindness to their awareness.  So we can build resilience in our nervous systems to enable us to flourish for the benefit of ourselves and our communities.

I currently offer 2 styles of weekly classes.  Mindful Yoga for general health and well-being and Trauma-Sensitive Classes ( Mindful Chair Yoga & Trauma-Sensitive Yoga for Healing & Self-Regulation.

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