With Sally Roach

Thursdays 8 - 9.15pm

25 February,   4, 11, 18 March, 1 April 2021


PJ Yoga for a good nights sleep

One of the main ways to improving our sleep quality & quantity is regulating our nervous system.  A mindful yoga practice offers us a great toolkit for this.

Through tailored movement we can discharge the stress chemicals in the system bringing us into our relaxation response.  Weaving in breathing & self-acupressure to help our body do what it is designed to do.  Allowing time for sharing to support each other in the quest for a good nights sleep.

Feel free to come in your pjs, ready to roll into bed afterwards.


4 week block £28, concessions £20

£10 Drop-In /Concessions £6


Sally is a Mindfulness Facilitator and Yoga Teacher.

Sally has been teaching Yoga and Meditation for 19 years and Mindfulness for the last 6 years after a thorough 4 years of training with the Mindfulness Association. She is on the UK listing of Mindfulness Teachers and regularly teaches the 8 week Mindfulness and Compassion Courses.

Sally suffered from chronic fatigue in her early 20s. This drew her to body awareness based practices including Trauma-Informed Yoga and learning about nervous system regulation. She brings a depth of experience to facilitating groups and individuals with chronic illness, pain and fatigue. Mindfulness and movement underpins her work in organisations specialising in recovery from addictions and mental health. She also offers training in workplace resilience.

She runs regular classes in Mindful Yoga and specialises in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and regulating the nervous system.  She  enjoys leading workshops and retreats weaving Mindfulness and movement with themes from the natural world.

"Lovely to sink into your practice for some of the time... I did have sometimes distractions and children's needs...but I got a lot of deep soothing energy running through me. Which was just lush. 

I loved feeling the resonance after stillness with you and your wise guidance that has given me tons."


"My Fitbit has registered over 8 hours of sleep for me last night.  Best sleep for ages.  It's given me a star!!  Just thought it would make you smile"