Stress is one of the biggest challenges in the workplace and in modern living.  Stress increases sickness rates and decreases our concentration, creativity, communication and relational abilities.

I offer tailored resilience training for individuals, groups, managers and their staff in the workplace.  I also offer staff retreat days where we learn resilience building skills and whilst enjoying time away from the work environment.

My clients have included Durham University, Scottish Government, Cygnus Support & Mentoring, Blind Veterans, Rocket X, Parkinsons UK, David Gray (Solicitors).

Mindfulness and Yoga are becoming more recognised as stress reducing strategies which help regulate our nervous system.  Science shows that it is not just about being present but being able to feel sensations in the body which takes us out of the stress mode, off the hamster wheel of rumination, into a place of clearer thinking and relaxed responsiveness.

Most of us need to learn how to relax, but that is only one part of the story.  We need our nervous systems to be more resilient.  This means being able to rev up to perform when the pressure is on, and quickly relax when we're not at work.  Recharging our batteries, enjoying our time off and returning to work refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

A key aspect is learning how our nervous system works which helps us have an awareness of what is actually going on in our system.  This opens a window to using appropriate resiliency skills to shift our underlying physiology.  Some of the skills I share can be practised in the moment, at a desk or in a lunch break.  Others are tools for home time to help us de-stress, relax and sleep.

As well as employees learning to manage their stress, organisations can also impact stress in the workplace by using an understanding of nervous system regulation to identify environmental and social factors which potentially help or hinder nervous system regulation.

Secondary trauma and subsequent burn-out is becoming more commonplace in caring organisations like the NHS, social work and hospices.  I offer compassion training which can help individuals and organisations to care for themselves whilst caring for others.


Sally is a member of NE Wellbeing – Mindfulness & Resilience Trainers

“When I was stressed at work I went for a walk at lunchtime and did a mindfulness practice .  I felt calmer in the afternoon”


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