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Seasonal Reflections

Seasonal Reflections

‘Seasonal Reflections’ is series of Yoga classes, exploring and embodying the essence of the season.  We continue with …

Spring Greens 


Spring is an explosion of newness, of light green freshness and blossom.foxglove-4

Nature’s colour palette widens as spring flowers open up and display their glory.

Having found our roots and unfurled our selves, we now prepare to raise our

heads supported by space and air. Showing our true colours.

We use our Yoga practice to reflect this, exploring the relationship of the head and

neck with the rest of the body and how we can use the space to support us in our  postures and movement. We find

the lightness and feel ourselves emerging with grace and ease.

On 5 May we will draw together the threads of our explorations by moving with live music. We will feel the resonance of sound in the body as Gordon accompanies us with the sitar, drums, bells & bowls.

6 .30 – 8 pm @  Gallery 45 Felton 

4 week block £28.

(You just pay in advance for the sessions you know you can make)