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SourceStar Energy Healing

Sekhem Transformed And Reborn, is the name given to a powerful channeled healing energy derived and developed from SEKHEM®, the name given by Helen Belot to an ancient system of wisdom and healing taught in the temples of early Egyptian times.

The SourceSTAR energy is of a very high frequency and it is blended with energy from Earth. This enables the energy of SourceSTAR to work quickly at very deep levels. It works directly with intention upon our core issues and belief systems. So the recipient will be invited to set their intention for the session and the practitioner asks for the energy to flow for the highest good and intention of the client.

The practitioner channels this energy for a client to take what is needed to facilitate the healing process in mind, body, emotions and spirit.

During a healing session a client remains clothed. The recipient is usually lying down but the treatment can also be given seated.

Standard fees

Source Star Energy Healing

£30 45 mins

  • (without travel costs)

Source Star Energy Healing

£35 1 hour

  • (without travel costs)

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