A Weekend of Mindfuless & Yoga accompanied by
live Music, Mandala Making & Moving in Nature

Friday 14 – Sunday 16 July 2017

at Burnlaw in the Whitfield Valley, West Northumberland

What makes you feel alive?    How does alive feel?

How do you grow & nourish your energy & enthusiasm for being fully awake & alive?

Radiance is not something to strive for, but rather an expression of our essential nature when we allow ourselves to be truly present. Meeting life as it is, without judging our experience as good or bad.  Feeling into and allowing our authentic experience, we can relax into our own skin and come alive.

We will be supported in our process and journey of embodiment by the power and presence of nature in high summer in this beautiful part of Northumberland.
Sally Roach & Gordon Sharp invite you to join them for a weekend of gentle Yoga-based movements accompanied by live music (including the sitar) with mindfulness, mandala making, ritual theatre & moving in nature.
In this weekend retreat we’ll explore these practices in our connection with ourselves, others and everything around us.  We’ll embody our process through movement, massage and meditation and allow the resonances we discover to be expressed in the form of mandalas & ritual theatre.
Stepping outside into the beautiful Whitfield Valley we’ll take time to breath in the aliveness & beauty of nature, to feel into our relationship with the wider world & our place in it.
burnlaw garden
ome and be nourished by this beautiful place and delicious wholesome vegetarian/vegan food created by Meg O’Brien.

The weekend costs £100 (early bird £80 by 30th June)

This includes freshly prepared & delicious wholefood vegetarian food.

There are concessions and bursaries available so please talk to us.

Accomodation is not included in this price see www.burnlaw.org.  There are a range of affordable options including camping.

For more information and details about all aspects of the retreat please contact us.

0(44) 1665 710116, 0(44) 773828317     heartdancing@mac.com     sallyroach1@hotmail.co.uk

www.burnlaw.org (for photos of the centre and valley and accommodation information)


6 pm Welcome circle
6.30 pm Dinner
7.30 pm Winding down with massage, relaxation & reflection
7.30 am Gentle Yoga based movement, breath awareness, mindfulness meditation
9 am Breakfast
10.15 am Yoga Asana
12.45 Lunch
3 pm Movement & stillness in nature including ritual theatre
6 pm Dinner
7.15 pm Fire time
9 pm Goodnight Relaxation
7.30 am Gentle Yoga based movement, breath awareness, mindfulness meditation
9 am Breakfast
10.15 am Yoga asana
12.45 Lunch
2 pm Moving in nature
3.30 pm Closing Circle
4 pm Close

The Yoga & Meditation Space

instruments & view
Burnlaw 312
The Yoga Space

Mindful moves, after lunch rest & digest

side cats
lying twist

Creating Mandalas

Burnlaw 302
Burnlaw 316

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