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Stress Management – A Mindfulness Based Approach

Stress Management – A Mindfulness Based Approach

Wed 4  October  17.30 – 20.30  at Kirkley Hall, Northumberland NE20 0AQ.

Wed 11 October 18.00 – 21.00  at Watson House, Morpeth


Stress affects us all.  A small amount of stress is healthy but often stress becomes a habit which affects the quality of our life and disconnects us from others and ourselves.  It makes everyday things feel more challenging and it keeps us from enjoying the things that give us pleasure.

Mindfulness is a well researched mind training which has a range of benefits for our health and well being.   It has become a common tool for lowering our stress levels whether it’s from work, family, pain, illness, bereavement or a range of other causes.

Mindfulness helps us feel happier in spite of the challenges of life and you may find yourself sleeping better too.

This will be an experiential workshop giving us a taste of how it feels to jump off the hamster wheel of repeating thoughts and live more in the present moment.   An important part of this approach is to develop our awareness of our body-mind connection.  So the session will include a body scan practice (done lying or sitting), gentle mindful movement as well as sitting practices.

After the workshop you will be sent audios of practices to support you in reducing stress in your life.

For those who want to take this further, this workshop can serve as an introduction to the 8 week Mindfulness Based Living  Course running in Watson House.


This course is run through Northumberland College so please click on Northumberland College to  book via their website