Mindful Yoga

For Connection, Flourishing & Resilience

Fridays 10.30 am – 12 

Classes on during the school term.  No class on 9 March 2018

George St – Boardroom

4 week block £32 /£20    Drop-in £11 / £6

Concessions for low family income

Booking is essential

The opposite of addiction is connection and connection is at the heart of Yoga. Connection to ourselves, to each other and our connection of all of life.

Neuroscience is teaching us about neuroplasticity, the amazing ability of the brain to re-wire even when there are strong habits. Both Yoga and Mindfulness are ‘brain exercises’ that engage different parts of the brain, helping the brain to form new connections and wake up parts of the brain that are under functioning. They create an environment of flourishing and resilience.

Stress can trip us up and trigger old patterns, so regulating the nervous system is important. Mindful Yoga helps us to develop the ability to be alert or calm depending on what is needed in the moment. This creates creates resilience, our ability to bounce back.

In this class we draw on particular ways of working that are designed to re-wire the brain and regulate our nervous system. These will be threaded through Yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and sitting Mindfulness practice. There will be flow and pauses. The flavour will be slow and curious. With attention to body sensations and befriending them, so we learn to respond rather than react to what we are feeling.

We will weave themes of Mindfulness like beginners mind and acceptance and explore how it feels to embody kindness, gratitude, courage and wonder.

Beginners are more than welcome.