Mindfulness is a life skill which can enhance our sense of well-being. It is about bringing 'kind awareness' to what is happening in the present moment, without judging it or trying to change our experience.

As we tune into our emotions by noticing the sensations in our body, we become more aware of our automatic reactions. We might notice how we intensify our difficulties with our self-critical thoughts and may choose to cultivate a kinder inner voice which comforts us. With this awareness we can develop the inner resources that will help us navigate our difficulties with more ease, comfort and grace.

Living more in the moment, we may worry less about the future and have fewer regrets about the past. We may even find ourselves making different choices that serve us better. Let mindfulness be an invitation to engage more fully with life and to appreciate the little things with new eyes.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Increases our capacity to deal with life’s difficulties with more perspective and wisdom

Reduction of stress, anxiety & depression

Increases our ability to relax

Improves concentration & sleep

Helps with the management of chronic pain

Reduces the stress response in the body which boosts the immune system, reduces blood pressure, improves digestion, helps heart disease & many other stress related conditions

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