Yoga is For Life

A body wise approach to flourishing & resilience


Mindfulness & Visual Arts – SEED

Mindfulness & Visual Arts – SEED

Weaving Mindfulness & Creativity ….Nature in the City’s Heart

With Sally & visual artist Maggie Whyte


Do come and join us as we meet on Thursdays at 1.30 – 3 pm at Summerhill13244729_537534366428689_5558845932027822050_n

Clubhouse, surrounded by and inspired by the blooming oasis of the

Community gardens.


Each week we begin with some Mindfulness, relaxing the mind

and body so we are more open to our creativity.






The ‘Tree of Life’ is emerging as we weave our magic 



SEED…a creative skills sharing project 

which will culminate with a performance on

26 June at Summerhill Square, Newcastle

Other creative skills include

Aerial, Playback Theatre

Dance theatre with masks

Community Orchestra

Ritual & Celebration