Mindfulness Practice Session

Feeling connected 

Next date 20 Feb  2018   6.30 – 8.30 pm
 @ 1 Hermitage Farm Cottage, Warkworth, NE 65 0XR

with Sally

Do you feel that life is passing too quickly? Or that there is never enough time or space? Often we are living in our head and in the past or future. When are mind and body is disconnected we can’t relate to what is happening right now in the real world. We feel disconnected from life.

This week we will use our Mindfulness Practice to explore the mind body connection that

re-connects us to ourselves, to others and to the present moment.  This invites a state of relaxation, ease and openness.

Each session will invite us to drop out of our mind and into our body, drawing on the practices of body scan, mindful movement, and sitting practices.  There will also be time for inquiry and sharing.
This is a session for those who have completed an 8 week Mindfulness Course or who have similar experience.
Booking is essential as there are limited places.
£10 per session concessions £5