Mondays 3.30 - 4.30 pm  no class on 18 May 2020

Shantibee Online

with Sally Roach



Mindfulness Drop In SB
A weekly drop-in class where you will be in the safe hands of an experienced Mindfulness teacher guiding you through an hour of Mindfulness practices.   For example, a body scan, a breath/sound practice and a kindness practice.   
You can sit on a Chair or a cushion, lie down on a mat, sofa or bean bag.  Come and make yourself at home.
Mindfulness is a skill we can learn which helps us ride the ups and downs of life with more ease.  It helps us jump off the hamster wheel of thoughts spinning round and round. 
Science shows that it actually re-wires our brains for increased well-being.  In a way it’s very simple but it needs practice.  Most people find that practising with a group feels really supportive and they sleep better afterwards.  Even when our mind feels busy, we feel better for doing it. 
The sessions are experiential rather than teaching based, but the practices will highlight the 7 pillars of Mindfulness and weave in seasonal themes.  
Who is this for?   
You might be new to Mindfulness and want to try it on for size.   Maybe you’re really stressed and have heard that Mindfulness can help.  You might have done Mindfulness training and want to refresh your practice by practicing with a group.  You are all welcome.
If you have any questions please contact Sally.