Shanti Bee   Online Drop-In

Wednesdays 1 - 2.15 pm

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A trauma-sensitive approach to mindful movement

  • Exploring ways of finding safety in our mind and body.
  • Learning about what happening our nervous system and how this impacts on our stress and well being.
  • Developing skills of self regulation to build our resilience.

Weaving Mindfulness, Yoga, relaxation and neurosensory exercises. 

Plus there's always time for sharing experiences.  


Suggested donation: £7  Drop-in  £5 Concessions for low-income £3 for those who have lost there income.

This class is suitable for all levels of fitness.


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This class is ideal for easing chronic pain and fatigue, PTSD, anxiety, stress, emotional pain and conditions which are caused or exacerabated by nervous system dysregulation eg auto-immune diseases, diabetes.

"Thank you Sally for a wonderful life affirming session. I am in awe of your approach and sensitivity" 


“My life outside of the course has been rocky.  I have found the skills and time spent in the sessions very stabilizing and beneficial"


“Thank you so much for such an amazing Trauma Sensitive Yoga session last week. I have struggled with mindfulness and meditation all my life, so it was astonishing to feel such a sense of peace. I genuinely don't think I have felt that way since I was a very young child". 


Sally C

I’ve been going to Sally’s classes for about 3 years now and really feel the benefits of the work done. The theory behind her approach is interesting, sound and well documented and certainly works for me. I love the way that you can work from just about any position you choose eg standing, sitting, lying down and there are other choices in movements according to what an individual feels they need at that point. For me, this takes away any anxiety about not being able to do certain exercises and/or feelings of panic and getting restless.


Every group I’ve been in really does provide a warm and safe atmosphere. 


Breathing properly has always been an issue for me especially when anxious and I’m amazed at how much easier it’s become and how helpful and calming that is.  

As I’ve experienced both musco-skeletal and anxiety related problems for decades, I’m continuing to attend courses and drop in sessions.  It keeps my body and mind aware of the changes and I really enjoy the sessions.

For me, this is something I need to keep practising. I’ve still got a to learn particularly on breathing and I feel so much better after each class that I do. Thanks Sally


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