Sally offers weekly classes which are primarily about creating safety and building more resilience in the nervous system using a variety of trauma-informed Yoga, Mindfulness & Compassion practices.

Sally also facilitates this work within organisations in the North East such as Tyneside Women's Health, Shantibee - Holistic Wellbeing Centre, Road to Recovery Trust, Cygnus Support & Mentoring, and NIWE.  Read more

Chronic pain, chronic fatigue and chronic illness are all signs of our nervous system being highly stressed and out of balance.   In recent years it has been recognised as a sign of trauma.   

Trauma isn't an event in the past,  its what gets stuck in our nervous system following an event or circumstances, that holds us back from living life to the full.” Psychiatrist Bessel van ker Kolk. 

We all have trauma to varying degrees which shows up in our mind and body in different ways.  It manifests as uncomfortable sensations in the body that we want to escape from and sends us into thinking mode.  This becomes a problem if we stay there and become disconnected from our body, its impulses and intelligence.  We lose the capacity to feel what is going on.  Ultimately the healing comes by connecting back with the body and its innate wisdom.  But this is a journey and being able to relax into it is part of the healing.

You may have tried other yoga classes in the hope of getting some relief from your discomfort but found that the pace was too fast or that it was too hard to connect with your body and breath.  Maybe it brought up intense feelings that you didn't know how to manage or you might have felt too afraid to move because of your pain.  Perhaps you left thinking that it was somehow your fault that it didn't work for you.


Please rest assured that it's not. It might just be that you haven't been offered the practices in a way that meets the needs of your nervous system.   I'm saying this because these are things that people who come to my classes tell me, so know that you are not alone in feeling this.

My classes are designed to help you navigate the journey of connecting with your body and  finding a new relationship with it.  There is no one size fits all method.  You will be offered sensitive guidance and the space to explore what works for you, at your own pace and in a comfortable position that helps you move and rest.  You might find yourself moving between standing, sitting and lying down or you might choose to lie down for the whole session.  You are most welcome to find the way that works for you.

If you feel you'd like to soothe your nervous system and give it a try or find out more, please get in touch.

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