About the Perimenopause & Menopause


This is the time leading up to the menopause which can last for many years, often starting about the age of 45. Whilst each woman experiences it in her own way, there are common characteristics: hot flushes, disturbed sleep, mood swings, memory loss, aching joints & muscles, weight gain, irregular periods, headaches & migraines, anxiety & stress, high blood pressure, pelvic organ shift & prolapse, hair loss, osteoporosis, fatigue & itchy skin.

Does any of this sound familiar?


The permanent end of menstrual cycles and the period, maybe several years, of readjustment as the hormone levels re-balance.  A variety of similar symptoms will indicate that we are still in the Menopause.

                                                                        ‘May I live life like the lotus.  At ease in the muddy water’

These phases are a time of uncertainty for women and may come with certain challenges but they can also be seen as rites of passage to be honored. A time to look back and review the journey so far so we may be clearer about where we want to be heading.

During this time we might find we are drawn to gentle yoga and regular relaxation, perhaps as a response to exhaustion. Or we might find that for us stronger practices are good for regulating the hot flushes and night sweats. It works for some people but there are no rules. We can listen to our heart and body to show us the way.

Whatever the tempo of our practice or the experience of our symptoms, my invitation is to work with practices that cultivate self-kindness and gratitude. Neuroscience shows that these practices can build our inner resources to support us during hard times.

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