Mindful Menopause

…exploring the Heart of Change      

Mindful Menopause is a monthly class which draws on Mindfulness, Yoga, Relaxation to support us in our journey through the Perimenopause & Menopause and allows time each session for sharing our experiences.


Next Dates:  

 17 Jul,  21 Aug 2018  6 – 8 pm

at 1 Hermitage Farm, Warkworth NE65 0XR

We explore different themes each session but these are the foundation practices we use :

Mindfulness & Self-Kindness

Exploring the possibility of accepting our present moment experience just

as it is rather than resisting & reacting to it.

Cultivating an attitude of self-kindness and self care to nurture ourselves through times of change.

Yoga & Relaxation

A ‘womb friendly’ approach to postures, breath work and deep relaxation.

Finding the ground beneath us, improving our posture & pelvic alignment, integrating our body systems, strengthening our bones, improving our movement patterns, embodying the compassionate heart, tapping into our heart wisdom & most importantly relaxation.

Sharing our Experiences

A space for sharing experiences, wisdom & ideas, helping ourselves & each other along the way as we navigate the changes.

Cost  £10   (concessions available)  Please book in advance

These phases are a time of uncertainty for women and may come with certain challenges but they can also be seen as rites of passage to be honoured. A time to look back and review the journey so far so we may be clearer about where we want to be heading.

During this time we might find we are drawn to a gentler yoga practice and regular relaxation, perhaps as a response to exhaustion. Or we might find that for us stronger practices are good for regulating the hot flushes and night sweats. It works for some people but there are no rules. We can listen to our heart and body to show us the way.

Whatever the tempo of our practice or the experience of our symptoms, my invitation is to work with practices that cultivate self-kindness and gratitude for this stage of our life.  Neuroscience shows that these practices can build our inner resources to support us during hard times.