Yoga, Movement, Mindfulness Online

Sally specialises in mind and body approaches to alleviating chronic pain & fatigue, chronic illness, anxiety, depression & trauma/PTSD


Each session is tailored to the client’s needs and wishes with the possibility of weaving together Yoga, Mindfulness, Compassion practice and self-massage.

An opportunity to be held in a safe, caring space and guided in finding more ease in your mind and body.  Learning mind body tools to regulate and build capacity in the nervous system for healing various kinds of trauma.  It might be trauma from childhood, an accident, medical intervention or the trauma/stresses or everyday life.

I offer audios practices of the practices we explore.  Also if you want further support for home practice we can create a video or audio record a session that meets your daily practice requirements.

I currently work via Zoom/Skype.

My standard fees are £50/1 hr, £65/1 hr 30 mins.

Concessions are available according to need.

10 % discount for block bookings (min of 4 classes) £45/hr.

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"I have the privilege to work with Sally on a 121 basis. The sessions are online and Sally always makes me feel rooted and - most importantly - safe.
Although the idea of practicing yoga always attracted me, truth is I would go to a class or two and never continue - I found it very difficult due to my body shape. Until I met Sally. She always looks for ways for me to be comfortable with the postures - which I had believed wouldn't be possible.
Her embodied and breath of knowledge and her compassionate presence create a safe space for me to deepen my relationship with my body, learn to listen to its wisdom and find practical and simple exercises that specifically support my healing and are easy for me to use in my daily life.
Her inquiry skills are remarkable which makes each session not only insightful but also transformational - with long term effects! "



“Her compassion is at the heart of what she does; allowing me to set the pace as she creatively uses Yoga and mindfulness techniques to ease my mind and help me to comfort myself.  This increases my mobility and I can move my breath into my body, using it to surround and soothe the sensation of pain.   It gives me interludes of rest and ease, lifting mood and increasing energy.” 



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