With Sally Roach & Juliet Graves


3 sessions 5.45 - 7.45 pm 2020 dates TBA

at Just Meditation, 71 b Westgate Rd Newcastle upon Tyne

This 3 session course will explore physiological and psychological stress reactions

and aims to develop your skills in recognising, responding and mindfully self-soothing.

The 3 week course (2 hour workshops) will cover:

  1. Recognising what we do that makes us feel stressed
  2. Understanding and bringing Mindfulness to our stress reactions – Fright, Flight, Freeze
  3. Strategies for reducing stress in your body and mind
  4. Mindful practice to sooth the nervous system
  5. Action planning for building resilience

This will be delivered in various ways including

  • Talks and group discussions
  • Independent work
  • Pair and small group work
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Mindfulness practice

The investment for this course is £56 - £69.    To book please click here 


Sally is a Mindfulness Facilitator and Yoga Teacher.

Sally has been teaching Yoga and Meditation for 18 years and Mindfulness for the last 5 years after a thorough 4 years of training with the Mindfulness Association. She is on the UK listing of Mindfulness Teachers and regularly teaches the 8 week Mindfulness and Compassion Courses.

Sally suffered from chronic fatigue in her early 20s. This drew her to body awareness based practices including Trauma-Informed Yoga and learning about nervous system regulation. She brings a depth of experience to facilitating groups and individuals with chronic illness, pain and fatigue. Mindfulness and movement underpins her work in organisations specialising in recovery from addictions and mental health. She also offers training in workplace resilience.

She runs regular classes in Mindful Yoga including Chair Yoga and enjoys leading workshops and retreats weaving Mindfulness and movement with themes from the natural world.

Juliet Graves is an Educational Practitioner with 30 years’ experience in training within health, social care and education. After a chance encounter with Mark Williams book Juliet has embraced Mindfulness over the last 6 years, integrating it into all her training within the NHS.

She now works independently and specialises in designing and delivering training on Resilience, and Mindful Stress management to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen (including the NHS, NE Universities and Social services).

She is qualified to teach the 8-week Mindfulness Based Living course and has adapted this to engage people who don’t recognise the usefulness of Mindfulness. For more information please go to www.julietgravesconsultancy.co.uk.