Gordon Sharp

2009I’m a performance director, musician, visual artist & workshop facilitator. I have over 40 years experience of creating theatre, dance & running workshops for people of all ages & backgrounds.

I’ve worked mostly in the North of England as well as other parts of the UK and Europe in nurseries, schools, colleges, community centres, festivals & theatres.


G&SitarI play sitar, saxophones, djembe, hoop drum & percussion. My work as a musician has included creating & performing original musical accompaniment for theatre & dance performances. I’m also experienced at providing musical support for dance, yoga, ceremony & ritual theatre.

For the past 40 years I have created a large number of mandalas using a variety of media including watercolour, ink, pencil, crayon & digital mandalas from my own original photos of the natural world.

My websites at www.elementalmovements.co.uk & www.naturemandala.com have more information and images about my creative work.

Gordon collabrates with Sally in workshops and retreats including Yoga Tones,

and Asana Mandala.