Sally’s Yoga

Scaraveilli-Inspired Yoga Woven with Mindfulness & Compassion


Dog1Befriending our body with Mindfulness and acceptance, we use asanas (postures) and sequences as a body mind exploration. Deepening our awareness of how we move, how we breathe and being in the moment. We find support from the ground, from our bones and our fluid core. When we move in harmony with our joints, dropping the layers of our self criticism, the surrounding tissues don’t need to brace and stiffness naturally subsides. Our ‘holding’ patterns dissolve and we find our movements becoming more fluid and graceful. The shapes naturally unfold with a lightness and pleasure.

The Yoga emerges leaving us feeling centred, energised and more at peace with ourselves and our daily life.

Yoga is for everyone. Some of my classes billed as ‘gentle’ will be slower paced whilst others will follow an arc moving from a gentle starting place, unfolding into a more dynamic, expansive practice and dropping back into stillness. In all of them we will deepen our body awareness, release our ‘holding patterns’, explore choice in how we move and tune in to our own rhythm.

My training in Mindfulness & Compassion has been very influential on my teaching. Woven through the practice it invites us to drop our layers of resistance and rest more easily into the Yoga. Mindfulness has the potential to change the way we relate to our challenges. The changes in our thinking can bring peace and acceptance to our lives. When we cultivate an attitude of befriending both mind and body, it helps to re-wire our brain for greater happiness and brings pleasure in the present moment.