Mindfulness Based Living Course MBLC

Venue:   Tru Physio & Yoga, Alnwick, Northumberland

With : Sally Roach Experienced Mindfulness Facilitator & Yoga Teacher


Introduction to the 8 week course :

This is designed as a taster session so you can experience Mindfulness and find out more about the course.   

18 January 2018

The 8 week Mindfulness Based Living Course MBLC

Beginning 1 Feb 2018

1, 8, 22 Feb, 1, 8, 15, 29 Mar, 19 Apr

6.30 – 8.30 pm

Retreat Day  24 Mar  10 – 4 pm  

Follow Up  10 May 6.30 – 8.30 pm

Coming up later in the year – an 8 week course at Watson House, Morpeth.

The aims of the MBLC are to help participants have an in-depth experience of mindfulness and develop a sustainable personal practice with a view to applying this in everyday life.

“The true journey of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes but of having fresh eyes” Jon Kabat-Zinn

MBLC Programme

  • Week 1 – Start Where We Are

  • Week 2 – The Body as a Place to Stay Present

  • Week 3 – Introducing Mindfulness Support

  • Week 4 – Working with Distraction

  • Week 5 – Exploring the Undercurrent

  • Week 6 – Attitude of the Observer

  • Day of Deepening Practice

  • Week 7 – Self-acceptance

  • Week 8 – A Mindfulness Based Life

  • Follow Up – The Rest of Your Life

This course has been developed by the Mindfulness Association under the guidance of Rob Nairn  It emerged from the first MSc Programme in Mindfulness and Compassion taught collaboratively between Aberdeen University’s Faculty of Education and Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre in the Scottish Borders.  The tutors are fully trained and supported by the Mindfulness Association, fully immersed in their own regular meditation practice, receive regular supervision.  In addition Sally has been accepted the UK listing of Mindfulness teachers.

The Benefits of training in Mindfulness

A growing body of scientific research is showing the effects of Mindfulness on the brain and how it can :

  • Increase our capacity to deal with life’s difficulties with more perspective and wisdom

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression

  • Increase our ability to relax

  • Improve concentration & sleep

  • Reduce the stress response in the body which boosts the immune system, reduces blood pressure, improves digestion, helps heart disease & many other stress related conditions

  • Help with the management of chronic pain

The MBLC Package includes :

  • 8 x 2 hour Mindfulness sessions
  • One full day deepening retreat after the course
  • Follow up session about a month after the course
  • A comprehensive course manual by email
  • A series of downloadable guided practices
  • One-to-one half hour session

Cost £180

Concessions available

(Additionally available: Printed manual £6, Audios on CD £6)

Contact Sally for  details


“The true journey of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes but of having fresh eyes”

Jon Kabat-Zinn