Welcome to your True Home

Welcome to your True Home… becoming present and alive to this moment.

… where there is joy, let it in .

… where there is difficulty, exploring the possibility of

letting it be

There are many ways to go home … like being in nature, dancing, singing, being creative, being fully present in relationship with another and ourself.

I am inspired by the rhythms of nature and the power of Yoga, Mindfulness, Shamanism, kindness and touch. They guide us home and bring a sense of acceptance, wholeness, aliveness and gratitude which infuses the rest of our lives. This works for people of all ages and abilities.   So I offer  Yoga classes to attune with the seasons.  Classes for the fit and the ‘not so fit’, Mindful Movement for chronic pain & fatigue, Chair Yoga, Mindfulness & Compassion Meditation Courses, Mindfulness Yoga, Mindful Menopause, Indian Head Massage and SourceStar Healing.

For the times when you want to delve a bit deeper I have a programme of workshops, retreats & holidays in weaving Yoga, Mindfulness, sound, creativity, nature connection and shamanic flavours.